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DSLR Meetup #2 Wrap Up

Continuing from where we ended off last, our second DSLR meet up centered around discussing some fundamental shooting essentials. We discussed programming DSLR settings and profiles for ideal shooting. I started off the night chatting about aperture, shutter speed (shutter angle), white balance and ISO. One of the most basic

Hawaii Shoots Meetup #1 Wrap Up

For our first event, we had a great turnout... Especially given how close the event was to Thanksgiving and the short notice we gave. It was really nice to welcome an audience ranging from broadcast professionals to high school students and answer questions of all types. Our first guest speaker

Hawaii Shoots Meet Ups

Hawaii Shoots is primarily the blog site of Brad Watanabe, discussing video production in and around Hawaii as seen through the lens of Berad Studio. Secondarily, Hawaii Shoots aims to grow and strengthen the video production industry as well as congregate production people in the form of Meet-Ups and workshops.

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