It’s the big weekend for the big game! For many production professionals, Super Bowl Sunday is the day that all their hard work is finally celebrated.
With the advent of Tivo and DVR, long gone are the days when you actually have to sit and watch TV Commercials to watch your favorite sitcom. But for this one great day, families and friends gather around big screen televisions to see the funniest, craziest and most amazing commercials 4.5+ million dollars can buy.

I think the vast majority are primarily interested the hilariously wild and comedic commercials, but there are many beautifully and courageously crafted spots that will also make their debut on Sunday.

Here are some of our 10 favorites from 2014:

Pepsi: The First Halftime
[youtube id=”meQKpdVgEjo”]

Coca-Cola: America is Beautiful
[youtube id=”443Vy3I0gJs”]

Mountain Dew: Horse Show
[youtube id=”Ol7x46IpMTQ”]

Hyundai Genesis: Dad’s Sixth Sense
[youtube id=”hSzs0yLPcB0″]

Chevy: Life
[youtube id=”7vhMpXMPvdU”]

Axe: Make Love Not War
[youtube id=”63b4O_2HCYM”]

Radio Shack: The 80’s Called
[youtube id=”iaa8DRRQnQ4″]

Doritos: Time Machine
[youtube id=”Y-P0Hs0ADJY”]

T-Mobile: No Contracts
[youtube id=”-eoxKy_uD_I”]

Volkswagon: Wings
[youtube id=”S8x7NFYHtm8″]

If you have any others to share please leave them in the comments below.