The internet is teeming with with valuable and free film making knowledge and techniques. Last year I stumbled across the Big League Cine Summit and it has since been one of my favorite resources for cinematography. This year Big League Film School is back with the Third Annual Big League Cine Summit and it’s looking even better than last year!

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What is the Big League Cine Summit?

For three years now, Aviv Vana has brought together some of the best Cinematographers and DPs in the business to share their secrets, techniques, and experiences. Use your email to sign up for the Big League Cine Summit and you get FREE LIVE access to the two day summit which includes online videos featuring popular cinematographers in Film, Commercial, Fashion, Corporate and more. If you aren’t able to catch the videos live or want to watch them on your own schedule, you can purchase a membership at $100 (as of this posting) which grants you access to the videos at any time, forever. Check out a preview video below.

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This year the Big League Cine Summit takes place on January 20-21 and has an amazing line-up, featuring Cinematographers including Shane Hurlbut (“We Are Marshall” and “Terminator”) and Frankie DeMarco (“Mad Men”). Each day of videos starts at 11AM EST which is 6AM Hawaiian Time so prepare to wake up early so you don’t miss anything. The site only lists which cinematographers are featured on each day so you’ll have to sign-up for more info.

Judging from the content from last year, this year will definitely be worth your while. Just two video’s in as a paying customer and I felt like I’ve learned more valuable and reliable techniques than I have over a couple years of online research. I’ve received praise on lighting and compositional techniques I’ve learned from this summit and that alone proves its value to me.

If you’re thinking about paying for unlimited access, I would recommend it. I wasn’t looking forward to waking up at 6AM or sitting through a whole day of video content, so being able to watch the videos at my own pace and then come back to them when I needed a refresher was great. The only real downside to this free summit is that it’s live video only but the membership solves that issue.

Take a look and the Big League Cine Summit website for more details about topics and presenters.

Via: Source: Big League Cine Summit