In 2011, I partnered with Unreal Hawaii and Volcanic Rock Gym to produce Hawaii Bouldering; my second Hawaiian Skies project for Hawaiian Airlines. I got a crash course in the sport known simply as “bouldering.”

A couple weeks ago, Justin Ridgely (Volcanic Rock Gym: Owner) contacted me hoping to screen Hawaii Bouldering during a friendly Dyno competition he was holding at the gym. He briefly filled me in on some of the details and we began making arragements for the showing.

As we were preparing for the film screening/Dyno event, I began to understand more thoroughly what the Dyno competition would be like, and before long I was convinced that I needed to bring out some gear to shoot the competition.

I had gone to VRG a few times over the six month period while we were shooting and researching for Hawaii Bouldering, but on the evening of the Dyno Comp, the gym was packed to the gills! I had never seen it so crowded.

With Justin’s permission I set up three 650 Watt Lowel Fren-Ls around the primary dyno area which really helped create an intense atmosphere for the competitors.

When the competition finished, we screened Hawaii Bouldering which received a lot of great response from the climbers and really reinforced my desire to complete DYNO COMP.