Hawaii Camera is quickly becoming Hawaii’s go-to production rental location. They offer great prices, a wide selection, fair rental terms, and excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking to get your hands on lighting, cameras, lenses, or underwater housings, Hawaii Camera brings in the latest gear and gets it to you with ease.

HawaiiCamera.com Website

With HawaiiCamera.com, Hawaii Camera offers more than just a physical rental location. The site includes a digital rental environment where you can browse their inventory and schedule and pay for pick-up or shipment of gear. Also found on the site is a blog, lightly used equipment for sale, photo assistant listings, camera cleaning rates, and the recent addition of Hawaii Camera workshops.

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Hawaii Camera workshops are an exciting and welcomed addition for the Hawaii production community. With professionals like Zac Noyle leading workshops, Hawaii Camera has brought a valuable resource to the table, made more valuable by utilizing live streaming for their most recent Wedding Lighting workshop and hopefully more workshops to come. But wait, there’s more. Hawaii Camera has also created a Hawaii Camera YouTube Channel where they are posting videos of their workshops for everyone to watch.

If you are a regular at Hawaii Camera, there’s even more reason to keep going back. If you’re new to Hawaii Camera, you now have a good idea of what they offer and I would suggest heading down to Waialae Avenue to check them out. The team is friendly and experienced and could help you find what you need for your next project.

Find Hawaii Camera at hawaiicamera.com, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on YouTube.

Source: Hawaii Camera