Berad Studio recently teamed up with Techy3 Design Studios (Hilo-based wedding video production company) to shoot “Refined by Fire” on Hawaii Island (a.k.a. The Big Island). One of the tools I knew would be helpful was a jib. However jibs are traditionally large, heavy items, not easily packed in a suitcase.

Within the last year, light, travel-friendly, cost effective jibs/cranes have exploded into the video production market, targeted directly at small video production companies.

Using a jib allows you much more range of motion than you have with a single tripod. It extends your camera’s reach and rotation both horizontally and vertically allowing you to affect the paralax whereby making camera moves much more dynamic.

Companies like Cobra Crane, Kessler Crane and Glidecam have great sturdy options to choose from, but none of them offered an option portable enough for me to hike through lava fields or up mountain trails with. (At the time of my decision making the new Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler was not announced) When I was preparing for our Big Island shoot, I knew I wanted a jib with us at all times, so size and weight were extremely important when deciding which jib to choose.

The jib that caught my eye was the Trapezist by LightCraft Workshop. I had seen tutorials on Vimeo explaining how easy and light the Trapezist was but it wasn’t until I received the package from UPS that I knew just how portable this would be.

Just like any production tool, it takes some time to figure out how to assemble, balance and use, but once you’ve mastered the technique, it’s an amazing piece of gear to own.

I’ve used this jib for both professional and personal work and I highly recommend it.

Check out this quick montage of shots we captured with the LightCraft Workshop Trapezist Jib.