Film may be the most powerful platform of communication for our generation. Rex Moribe has decided to use his film “Dear Thalia” to educate people about the difficulties of homelessness in Hawai‘i and share the story of one family’s struggle of living on a sidewalk in Kaka‘ako.

Rex says: “Creating awareness of the homeless situation here in Hawai’i is key. Ridding the social profiling of all homeless people as “druggies”, mentally ill, or lazy. It’s not anything you thought. There are more families on the street than you imagined. A lot of media: TV news, newspapers, blogs, statistics, politicians, advocates, how to help/what to do sites, etc. talk about the homeless in Hawai’i, but rarely do you get the homeless person’s perspective. And if you do, it’s for a mere minute. This is an entire film dedicated to their point of view and whats it’s like to be homeless in Hawai‘i.”

About the Director

Rex Moribe – filmmaker, entrepreneur, IT administrator/engineer, and professional bodyboarder. In 2005, he produced/wrote/directed his first feature film inspired by his favorite writer/director Kevin Smith. The film was not as successful as he would have liked, however, he learned and loved what he did. In 2010, Rex fell back in love with filming – making short travel videos.

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Make sure you check out the Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the project and visit their website for more details.