Many thanks to Olelo Community Media for hosting our most recent Hawaii Shoots Hangout.We had a lot of early birds start showing up around 6:00PM excited to talk and share their experiences, but most of our guests started funneling in around 6:15ish and congregated around the entry way/lounge area.  I started off with some opening remarks about the night and introduced Wayne Yun, the CMC Manager at Olelo Mapunapuna. Wayne took us on a brief tour of the facilities and spoke about what they do and the services they offer. Our final stop of the tour was the main studio which the Olelo team had dressed up for our presentation.


I introduced our special guest Kila Young who brought along a bunch of amazing multi-rotor coptors provided by his company Kahoku Video Productions and Tagami Photography. We started with an overview of what’s happening with the aerial photo/video industry today and then dove into stabilizer technologies. The first being traditional Steadicam/Glidecam stabilizers that are common among wedding shooters, narrative film makers and TV show productions. Then we got into to some of the newer tech, namely the Movi M10 that was provided to us be Hawaii Photo Rental.


We talked about the direct coloration between how the Movi stabilizes a camera in a handheld position and how a helicopter stabilizes a camera when zipping through the air. Kila demonstrated some of the inner and outer workings to of the DJI S1000 Octacoptor provided by Kelby Alexander.


We wrapped up the night with a brief Q&A and which sparked some great discussion. We had a fun time and are really excited for next month’s event. Stay tuned for more info.

Huge Mahalo to everyone who made this happen:

Kila Young: Kahoku Video Productions
Chris Tagami: Tagami Photography
Kelby Alexander: Helikelby
Josh Strickland: Hawaii Photo Rental
Wayne Yun: Olelo Community Center
Justin Iyoki: Behind the scenes photos
Kaia Consulting: Registration and event prep