Huge MAHALO to the crew at The Box Jelly for being an awesome host for our November HDSLR Hangout event Tuesday night!

It was awesome to have so many new people come out and chat about what they’re doing and learning.

We had directors and editors…

Agency creatives and account executives…

People who operate helicopter rigs,

some who shoot on Red Epics,

and many other producers of video content.


Thanks to everyone for making it out. And keep an eye out for our next event happening soon.

We had a few fun toys to play with, but one of the crowd favorites by far, was a handy little Manfrotto shoulder brace that I pair with a Manfrotto 577 Quick Release plate system. This little setup really helps stabilize hand held shots and even more so when used with a Zacuto Z-Finder or other view finder. Having the quick release plate allows me to go from handheld to tripod in seconds.
Check them out here:


See you next time!