There are times in life where work and everything else just pauses… This is one of those times.

“On Wednesday March 14th, 2012, world famous underwater cinematographer Michael Alan Prickett , suffered a severe case of Decompression Sickness while trying to save another diver. Prickett was on a diving shoot in Rangiroa, Tahiti with BARE wetsuits and Warren Miller Entertainment when the accident occurred and is still in Tahiti fighting to recover.”

Mike is one of those guys just full of Aloha and stoked on life. I met him for the first time randomly on a flight back to Hawaii from Las Vegas after attending NAB in 2009. We talked about production and technology almost the entire 6 hour flight back to Hawaii and have stayed in contact since then.

Check out the KITV4 article as well.

Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers as they endure through this difficult time.