PC: Cinema 5D

Sony has just announced the PXW-FS7, which is their successor to the extremely popular FS700.

When I first added the Sony FS100 to my camera kit, I noticed a huge increase in image quality, audio clarity, and overall performance compared to my Canon DSLR lineup. Eventually I moved away from the uncomfortable and unfamiliar Sony ergonomic + Metabones adapter to a more user friendly Canon C100 with it’s native Canon EF mount, 6 stop ND filters and better ergonomic. One thing I really missed with the C100 was the ability to record high speed / over cranked footage (slow-motion). We’ve all been waiting for Canon to release upgrades to their Cinema Series of cameras (which I’m sure is in the works), but meanwhile Sony has been chipping away at 5D sales with the A7s and now will likely start to take some market share from the most rented and used camera in the industry, the C300.

The new Sony FS7 looks like a huge upgrade with features including:
1. Internal 4k recording up to 60fps
2. Internal HD recording up to 180fps
3. Built-in ND Filters
4. XAVC & MPEG2 HD 422 formats (Internal)
5. S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3 and S-Gamut3/S-Log3
6. 4k & 2k RAW external recording
7. Shoulder Pad and Rosette style folding hand grip
8. XLR Audio Inputs
And so much more.

EXCLUSIVE: cinema5D Sony FS7 hands-on from Nino Leitner on Vimeo.

The FS7 is a huge leap up in both feature set and price from a DSLR-style camera and might make potential F5 buyers rethink their camera choice. Whatever you’re in the market for, this new Sony camera is definitely one to keep on your list.

For more details and information check out Sony’s Press Release, Cinema 5D and download the Sony FS7 brochure.