The Canon 5DmkII is the camera that really started the HDSLR movement. When Canon first added video functionality to this full frame camera, the entire video production and film making industry was forever disrupted. After shooting for 6 months with a T2i, Berad Studio decided to purchase a Canon 5DmkII to shoot the UH Wahine Volleyball documentary: “Then & Now.” Having a second camera on set was nice especially for interviews allowing us multiple angles to choose from in post. Being required to shoot interviews in tight dark areas and dealing with uneven and unflattering gymnasium lighting, it was nice to have the ability to shoot with fast lenses and manually dial in the color temperature of the environment and shooting with DSLRs allowed us to establish really shallow depth of field minimizing background interference.

The Canon 5DmkII has become the flagship camera for us and will likely continue to be our go camera to in 2012.


The Canon 7D is another pro camera in the Canon lineup that has gotten a lot of attention from the film making community. It has dual DIGIC IV processors, so it has the ability to shoot up to 9 still frames per second while it’s bigger older brother the Canon 5DmkII only shoots 5fps. But the big asset the film making community screamed over was the 7D’s ability to shoot 60fps in video mode (720p resolution).

Why is that significant? Because when you take those same 60 frames and drop them in a 24fps timeline, your result is a beautiful slow motion effect.


Berad Studio recently purchased a Canon 60D as a B-Cam / Backup camera to our existing 5DmkII. It will be great to have the option to shoot 60fs/720p slow motion shots and give us the ability to do two camera shoots. The 1.6 crop sensor also adds some length to our current lens section essentially doubling the options we have to choose from.


On Hawaii Bouldering, Berad Studio partnered with Gerard Elmore to shoot 2nd Camera on two of the main shoot days. Both days Gerard shot with his personal Canon T3i and our Tokina 12-24 ultra wide lens. It was the perfect combination to fly on the Kessler Crane KC-Lite jib we rented from Hawaii Photo Rental. The built in flip out screen was a nice way to monitor the shot since we didn’t have an external monitor for that shot and the light weight of the camera made it easy to operate and get smooth sweeping moves.

T3i Jib