We’re starting a Podcast!

2017 has been a year of video content overload.  From personal vlogs and Snapchat stories to Instagram video and Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube Livestreaming, video is where everyone is at.

But in a year where video creation was king, voice content and podcasts have made a huge comeback!  Podcasts offer one main benefit that video does not, the ability to multitask while consuming that content.  Whether you’re jogging at the gym or making dinner for the fam, listening to podcasts allows you to save time by allowing you to do something else while still learning, growing, thinking…

As a way to stay informed and engaged with this growing audience of listening learners, we’re starting a podcast too!  Director Brad Watanabe of Berad Studio and Marketing + Social Media specialist Jenn Lieu will be talking you through everything you need to know about filmmaking and photography in Hawaii.