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8 Rookie Filmmaker Mistakes to Avoid

It’s one thing to please your client, but another thing to please a fellow colleague in your industry.  Especially when that somebody happens to have been in business five times longer than you have…and if that somebody has big name coorporate clients…and if that somebody has the latest and greatest equipment that filmmakers swoon […]

Event: Talk story with Adobe Studio’s creative team in Kakaako

Say Aloha to Adobe Studio’s creative team, in town to profile one of Hawaii’s next-generation creatives. Each week, Adobe Inspire Magazine features innovative artists and shines a spotlight on creative work in photography, design, video, illustration, and more.

In With The Old, Apply The New

Professional photographer Dallas Nagata White regularly re-edits old images to see how her techniques and tastes have changed throughout the years.

10 Super Bowl Commercial Favorites of 2014

It’s the big weekend for the big game! For many production professionals, Super Bowl Sunday is the day that all their hard work is finally celebrated.
With the advent of Tivo and DVR, long gone are the days when you actually have to sit and watch TV Commercials to watch […]

Pacific New Media Has Introductory Classes Galore to Kickstart the New Year

The Pacific New Media Outreach College is one of Hawaii’s best resources for classes and workshops pertaining to business, video, photography and art. PNM brings in nationally recognized professionals as well as many of Hawaii’s top professionals to share their experiences and techniques in a structured environment.

The New Year […]

Don’t Miss The World’s Largest Free Online Cinematography Event

The internet is teeming with with valuable and free film making knowledge and techniques. Last year I stumbled across the Big League Cine Summit and it has since been one of my favorite resources for cinematography. This year Big League Film School is back with the Third Annual Big League […]

Learn how to shoot a marketing video with Berad Studio

For our first event of 2015 we’ll be shooting a marketing video for Etched Aloha and you’re invited to tag along. Whether you just picked up your first camera or are a long time production veteran, it’s always good to get back to the basics. We’ll go through lighting our […]

Film Riot’s Top 10 Favorite Resources for Filmmakers

If you want to start your New Year by learning about film and/or how to shoot movies or want to brush up on your filmmaker knowledge, Ryan Connolly from Film Riot has you covered with 10 of his favorite filmmaker resources. His list covers resources for everything from gore makeup […]

This Planet5D Survey Could Help You Choose Your Next Camera

If you’re sitting on a stack of holiday cash and are itching to purchase your next camera, planetMitch at Planet5D.com conducted a survey that could help you choose. planetMitch used his “Ask the audience” lifeline to tap into his email network of subscribers to figure out if they would choose […]

How to build a $75 DIY video slider

Video sliders can allow you to achieve smooth, horizontal camera moves, emulating that of large, bulky and expensive track and dolly systems. They’re often small enough to bring along on every shoot while making a large impact on the production value of your shots. Sliders can range in […]