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Hawaii Shoots visits Sight + Sound Studios

We’re excited to be in a brand new location for our August Hawaii Shoots Meetup. We’ll be checking out the brand new facilities at Sight + Sound Studios in Honolulu. Sight + Sound is Hawaii’s premiere Film and Video production rental shop. They’re the guys that rent […]

Hawaiian Airlines and Berad Studio talk story about social media video

Over the last few years, Berad Studio has worked closely with Hawaiian Airlines to produce much of their social media video content. In the fall of 2014, director Brad Watanabe teamed up with Hawaiian Airlines’ David Kamida to concept an award-winning video campaign for their holiday social media rollout.

For […]

Zak Noyle Aquatography Workshop

Hawaii is an amazing place to live if you’re passionate about photography. We have heavenly hikes and beautiful beaches, luscious landscapes and fabulous food to share and enjoy with snap of the shutter. Zak Noyle has carved out a career path for himself making him the envy of […]

Stillmotion EVO Workshop

Have you ever heard of Stillmotion's EVO workshop series? The team over at Stillmotion is considering putting on an EVO Oahu workshop and it sounds amazing. Read about our good friend Noelle Herring's experience at EVO Portland 2013.

Helping a Homeless Hawaii Family Through Film

Film may be the most powerful platform of communication for our generation. Rex Moribe has decided to use his film “Dear Thalia” to educate people about the difficulties of homelessness in Hawai‘i and share the story of one family’s struggle of living on a sidewalk in Kaka‘ako.

Rex says: “Creating awareness […]

Event: Hawaii Shoots Community Mixer at Brain Eye Labs

We’re stoked to present this month’s Hawaii Shoots event in a new spot! We’re hanging with our friends from Brain Eye Creative to celebrate the soft launch of their newest agency space in collaboration with Howard Hughes and Ward Village, called “Brain Eye Labs.” Bring your business cards and mix […]

Cleaning your lenses in the field

It's a challenge to be constantly cleaning your lenses in the field, but it's a discipline that will improve your video for the rest of your career.

8 Rookie Filmmaker Mistakes to Avoid

It’s one thing to please your client, but another thing to please a fellow colleague in your industry.  Especially when that somebody happens to have been in business five times longer than you have…and if that somebody has big name coorporate clients…and if that somebody has the latest and greatest equipment that filmmakers swoon […]

Event: Talk story with Adobe Studio’s creative team in Kakaako

Say Aloha to Adobe Studio’s creative team, in town to profile one of Hawaii’s next-generation creatives. Each week, Adobe Inspire Magazine features innovative artists and shines a spotlight on creative work in photography, design, video, illustration, and more.

In With The Old, Apply The New

Professional photographer Dallas Nagata White regularly re-edits old images to see how her techniques and tastes have changed throughout the years.