When you’re burning daylight shooting on location, the words “We’ll fix it in post” are often uttered. Post production is really undervalued and often not budgeted properly into smaller projects, but there is a great deal of value and investment in a good system.

What NLE (Non-Linear Editing) software are you using? Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas, AVID or Adobe Premiere? What types of drives are you using? Have you invested in a centralized R.A.I.D. system? How do you back up and archive your data?

We’ll be discussing all this and more on Thursday, January 10 at HQHNL (Formerly The Greenhouse Innovation Hub) in Kakaako, Hawaii.


What: HDSLR Meetup: Hardware, Software, Data Storage & Backup Discussion
When: Thursday | January 10, 2013 | 7:00-9:00pm
Where: HQHNL | hqhnl.com

685 B Auahi Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813