In Hawaii it’s hard to find work in the video production industry… Really hard. After working in LA for 6 years, I thought it would be pretty easy to find a job when I moved back to Hawaii, but for me… it never happened. After a few years of freelancing on projects, I decided to start my own company and Berad Studio was born.

It was a great idea in theory but I quickly ran into some problems: though I knew about doing production, I had no idea how to run a sustainable and successful video production business. Tax implications, expense reports, W9’s, 1099’s, production insurance… There were so many things I hadn’t considered when I decided to build Berad Studio.

At our next event, Jason Suapaia (President of 1013 Intergrated) will be giving a presentation on what it takes to operate a video production company. We’ll discuss some fundamental principals of video production business like location permiting and budgeting as well as dig into technology and innovation.

It’s definitely going to be an awesome conversation.

And as always, we’ll have some cool toys to play with.
Courtesy of Banzai Mike we’ll have a RED Scarlet in the house to demo.

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What: Business Talk
When: Wednesday | February 20, 2013 | 7:00-9:00pm
Where: HQHNL |

685 B Auahi Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813