One of the features that is extremely helpful when shooting video with a DSLR like a Canon 5DMKII or MKIII is the ability to move around your critical focus area while zoomed in. This feature allows you to punch into your image to check focus and adjust the target area without having to reframe your shot. Currently the C100 only allows you to magnify the center of your frame which forces you reposition your camera every time you check focus. This is particularly annoying when shooting in fast-paced, run & gun situations. But this will soon be resolved with the new firmware update that is slated to be released in mid November.

Another exciting feature that the firmware update unlocks is the ability to navigate through menu settings via the on-camera buttons. Currently, in order to maneuver through the menus and alter a majority of camera’s settings, the joystick on the grip handle is the only option. This will be a welcome feature especially for those who prefer shoot without the side handle and rather enclose the C100 in small cage like the Redrock Micro Ultra Cage.

The firmware also unlocks the ability to shoot at 80,000 ISO, enable “Record Lock” and adds some peripheral lens corrections. There are also firmware updates for the Canon C300, C500, XF300 and XF305 which you can read more about on the Canon site.