Back in the day, camera technology didn’t shift all that often. Aesthetic choices were often determined by film stocks and lens options while camera bodies remained the same. With the advent of digital cameras, film stocks were replaced with fixed camera sensors which are now the determining factors for resolution, color reproduction and the general “look” of your motion capture.

As with everything technology based, cameras are getting cheaper and are being replaced by newer, smaller, and better models at a ridiculous rate so it’s a really exciting and potentially confusing time to be a camera operator.

It is often said that today’s cameras are simply tiny computers with lenses attached and this new Black Betty 2k Camera makes that abundantly clear with it’s built-in Mac Mini. This is the first camera that will allow you to shoot, edit finish your project without the need for another computer. What a concept.

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Please visit the Black Betty website for more information on the camera and read the story behind how this awesome new camera came to be.

Black Betty Cameras

Here’s some sample footage from the camera:

“The Morning of Everything” Trailer from Adam Van Voorhis on Vimeo.