Finding a well paying, full time or even part time job in video production can be really tough and in Hawaii it seems to be even tougher. When I decided to move back to Hawaii after living in LA for almost a decade, I knew it would be a challenge to find a full time position as a video editor, so I stopped looking and decided to pursue freelance work instead.

Recently I’ve come to the realization that production jobs aren’t limited to TV, cinema and music videos, but are available in every single industry. I was recently contacted by two very different types of companies looking to hire video professionals for their in house needs; a hospital and the military.

The Queen’s Medical Center is looking for a part time Video Specialist in their Creative Media department.

• Operates and maintains video equipment such as cameras, audio recorders, video recorders and editing console.
• Edits, troubleshoots and maintains non-linear video editing on a computer based editing system.
• Oversees activities of the video studio.
• Coordinates all aspects of video production.

General Dynamics Information Technology is looking for a Full Time Digital Media Specialist.

Contractor position as a Digital Media Specialist supporting the US Army with various digital media products. Responsible for developing graphics, logos, charts in preproduction; capturing live video using video/still cameras and computer simulations during production; rapidly editing video to tell the story and integrating various media products in post-production. Work closely with exercise planners on developing news media injects, pump videos, and other digital products. Must be able to meet short suspenses, work with ad-hoc teams, and display self initiative.
Check out their Craigslist Posting

I am not affiliated with either company but wanted to share these great opportunities since they are very hard to come by. Good Luck!