Hawaii Shoots Holiday Party 2014

2014 has been an exciting year for Hawaii Shoots thanks to everyone in the Hawaii Shoots community. Come and hangout with some of Hawaii's top production professionals and make new friends at our final event of 2014. There will be food, networking opportunities, prizes, and good times. Hope to see you there!

Hawaii Shoots: Camera Demo

Purchase Tickets At: http://hawaiishoots.wpengine.com/tickets RAW cameras, slow-mo cameras, HD or 4K cameras, cameras galore. With the production market flooded with such a huge variety of cameras, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. Things like cost, features, form factor, and brand are commonly used

Hawaii Shoots Wrap Up: Production Sound with Tom Visser

At the latest Hawaii Shoots Workshop, we learned some valuable tips and tricks about production sound and mixing from one of the most sought after sound mixers in Hawaii, Tom Visser. Tom comes from over 15 years of experience in production sound recording, sound design, mixing, post production sound, and

Hawaii Shoots: Production Sound & Mixing Workshop

Many filmmakers and video professionals get into the industry because of their desire to direct, shoot or act. A small fraction enter the field, passionate about producing and recording quality audio. Tom Visser is one of the most sought after sound mixers in the state, with over 15 years of

Hawaii Shoots: Data Management & Backup

You've got all these images and/or videos captured... So now what? Do you dump all your files onto your computer's desktop? Do you have an external RAID that you work from? Do you have a duplicate copy of your data? Brad Watanabe spent 6 years overseeing the IT and editorial

May Lighting Workshop Wrap up

We had a special guest speaker at our May Event.  Owner of Carrillo Digital and veteran cinematographer, Ruben Carrillo gave us an introductory workshop on the basics of lighting.  He talked about some of the basic kit items he always has on set including his two large AadynTech LED light fixtures.  Many

Hawaii Shoots Hangout May 2014: Lighting Workshop

Our May Hawaii Shoots event will be focused on lighting. 20 year veteran cinematographer Ruben Carrillo and director, Brad Watanabe will discuss when, where and how to use lighting to enhance your story. In collaboration with AAF Hawaii's AdMonth, we thought it would be fitting to feature a professional who

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