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Video Production for a Hawaii Pottery Documentary

My video production company Berad Studio recently produced a documentary called "Refined by Fire" for Hawaiian Airlines' in-flight video magazine Hawaiian Skies. What made this piece more challenging than previous short films was the travel involved. Specifically we traveled to Hawaii Island (a.k.a. The Big Island) to interview artisan Clayton

5 Tips for Shooting Professional Video in Hawaii

During our recent HDSLR Hangout over at The Greenhouse Innovation Hub in Kaka'ako Hawaii, a couple friends from 1013 Intergrated stopped by to join the conversation. This event was meant to be a casual meet & greet / talk-story type event, but it quickly turned into a lively discussion. We

Then & Now: UH Wahine Volleyball

Hawaii is not home to any major league professional sports teams, so the University of Hawaii's sports program is the equivalent to our NFL and MLB. Of all the division I sports teams UH is known for, the Wahine (Women's) Volleyball program is by far one of the most prestigious.


In 2011, I partnered with Unreal Hawaii and Volcanic Rock Gym to produce Hawaii Bouldering; my second Hawaiian Skies project for Hawaiian Airlines. I got a crash course in the sport known simply as "bouldering." A couple weeks ago, Justin Ridgely (Volcanic Rock Gym: Owner) contacted me hoping to screen