The video production market in Hawaii is highly saturated with DSLR shooting videographers and filmmakers. I am one of them. Because many of us use the exact same tools, our final products start to have a similar look and feel to them. In an attempt to differentiate our film(s) from others’, we often start looking for “better” (aka more expensive) gear.

The inevitable question that every shooter asks is: “What camera should I buy next?” Many assume (myself included) that somehow, owning an expensive camera will attract clients with higher budgets. Does this rationale sound familiar: “If I buy a R3D Epic, Sony F5 or Canon C500 I’ll be able to take my production to the next level. I should also be even able to rent it out to bigger shops and recoup some cost…”

I came across this great video on featuring a video by Ramit Sethi that addresses the question “Should I buy that expensive camera now?” Ramit goes through some of the misconceptions of buying gear when starting up a company and focusses on what clients are really looking for.