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How to build a $75 DIY video slider

Video sliders can allow you to achieve smooth, horizontal camera moves, emulating that of large, bulky and expensive track and dolly systems. They're often small enough to bring along on every shoot while making a large impact on the production value of your shots. Sliders can range in price from

Rumored Sony PXW-FS7 announced

PC: Cinema 5D Sony has just announced the PXW-FS7, which is their successor to the extremely popular FS700. When I first added the Sony FS100 to my camera kit, I noticed a huge increase in image quality, audio clarity, and overall performance compared to my Canon DSLR lineup.

Olelo Community Media: Hawaii’s public access station

Olelo might be best known as Hawaii's public access station, showing 24 hours of programming on a handful of local channels. They have satellite offices all across Oahu, but their main location is in Mapunupuna, five minutes away from the Honolulu International Airport which makes them really convenient no matter

Shooting as a One-Man-Band on Hawaii Island

Lately, I have been asked to shoot a bunch of projects one-man-band style, so I have had to adapt my technique and setup as such. In an industry where professionals spend decades mastering a singular craft, a one-man crew is responsible for all aspects of production. Though I would never

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