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5 Tips for Shooting Professional Video in Hawaii

During our recent HDSLR Hangout over at The Greenhouse Innovation Hub in Kaka'ako Hawaii, a couple friends from 1013 Intergrated stopped by to join the conversation. This event was meant to be a casual meet & greet / talk-story type event, but it quickly turned into a lively discussion. We

Shooting a Pearlridge TV Commercial in Kakaako, Hawaii

For the third year in a row, this summer, Berad Studio was given an opportunity to work with Anthology Marketing Group on a television commercial for Pearlridge Center's annual summer exhibit. This year's theme for the exhibit was super heroes, but we had a major problem, the word super hero

The importance of a chair in post production

Unlike a lot of people in the Hawaii video production industry, I started my career working in post production rather than production. I spent much of my time sitting down in front of Final Cut Pro surrounded by Cinema Displays and Digi-Beta decks rather than behind a camera looking through

Then & Now: UH Wahine Volleyball

Hawaii is not home to any major league professional sports teams, so the University of Hawaii's sports program is the equivalent to our NFL and MLB. Of all the division I sports teams UH is known for, the Wahine (Women's) Volleyball program is by far one of the most prestigious.

MXLGY Triple Shot Event

My production company Berad Studio was recently given the opportunity to shoot the Triple Shot Oahu event for at the Addiction Night Club in the Modern Honolulu. Much different than a television commercial, event shooting is very unplanned and unfiltered. Rarely do you get a second chance to get

Pray for Prickett

There are times in life where work and everything else just pauses... This is one of those times. "On Wednesday March 14th, 2012, world famous underwater cinematographer Michael Alan Prickett , suffered a severe case of Decompression Sickness while trying to save another diver. Prickett was on a diving shoot

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