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Black Betty 2k Camera

Back in the day, camera technology didn't shift all that often. Aesthetic choices were often determined by film stocks and lens options while camera bodies remained the same. With the advent of digital cameras, film stocks were replaced with fixed camera sensors which are now the determining factors for resolution,

Video Production for a Hawaii Pottery Documentary

My video production company Berad Studio recently produced a documentary called "Refined by Fire" for Hawaiian Airlines' in-flight video magazine Hawaiian Skies. What made this piece more challenging than previous short films was the travel involved. Specifically we traveled to Hawaii Island (a.k.a. The Big Island) to interview artisan Clayton

A powered light setup to film bouldering in Nu’uanu forest

Small, portable LED lights are fantastic. It's always a good idea to carry at least one small LED light in your kit. They are great if you need a camera mounted light for run and gun shoots and are highly versatile for every situation. However, when working outdoors in bright,

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