Hawaii Shoots Wrap Up: Production Sound with Tom Visser

At the latest Hawaii Shoots Workshop, we learned some valuable tips and tricks about production sound and mixing from one of the most sought after sound mixers in Hawaii, Tom Visser. Tom comes from over 15 years of experience in production sound recording, sound design, mixing, post production sound, and

Rumored Sony PXW-FS7 announced

PC: Cinema 5D Sony has just announced the PXW-FS7, which is their successor to the extremely popular FS700. When I first added the Sony FS100 to my camera kit, I noticed a huge increase in image quality, audio clarity, and overall performance compared to my Canon DSLR lineup.

May Lighting Workshop Wrap up

We had a special guest speaker at our May Event.  Owner of Carrillo Digital and veteran cinematographer, Ruben Carrillo gave us an introductory workshop on the basics of lighting.  He talked about some of the basic kit items he always has on set including his two large AadynTech LED light fixtures.  Many

Hawaii Shoots Hangout April 2014: Gimbals, Stabilizers & Aerials

We're really excited to have our April hangout event at Olelo Community Media's main office in Mapunapuna, Hawaii. We'll take a tour of their facilities before getting settled in their large studio space to talk about stabilizers and aerials with Kila Young of Kahoku Video Productions. Kila has been building

Black Betty 2k Camera

Back in the day, camera technology didn't shift all that often. Aesthetic choices were often determined by film stocks and lens options while camera bodies remained the same. With the advent of digital cameras, film stocks were replaced with fixed camera sensors which are now the determining factors for resolution,