Testing the Canon C100 in Ewa Beach Hawaii

Every camera has its strengths and weaknesses. I have been shooting primarily with video enabled DSLR cameras over the past few years mainly due to the cost to image quality ratio. Current DSLR cameras generate terrific looking compressed HD movie files and can be purchased for a very low starting

Leveraging a Pico Dolly in a Honolulu office space

In this age of digital video and film production, we are constantly being pushed to learn new and innovative ways to tell stories and capture light. As budgets and timelines shrink, we are forced to figure out faster and more effective ways to get shots accomplished. It can quickly become

A powered light setup to film bouldering in Nu’uanu forest

Small, portable LED lights are fantastic. It's always a good idea to carry at least one small LED light in your kit. They are great if you need a camera mounted light for run and gun shoots and are highly versatile for every situation. However, when working outdoors in bright,

Hawaii Shoots Meetup #1 Wrap Up

For our first event, we had a great turnout... Especially given how close the event was to Thanksgiving and the short notice we gave. It was really nice to welcome an audience ranging from broadcast professionals to high school students and answer questions of all types. Our first guest speaker

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